What is your favorite Hannibal Lecter quote?

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Vote on your favorite Dr. Lecter quote by clicking on the button at the end of this article. I took … Read More

How much do you care where your food comes from?

Organic food poll
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Sure, I choose to buy organic foods. Sometimes. When I go to the grocery store, I am sure to pick up a … Read More

Who is your favorite LIVING president?

Presidential Election 2016
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On May 13, 2015, Republican Candidates were asked who their favorite living president is. The answer from three of these … Read More

Who gossips more, men or women?

gossip poll
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Vote on who gossips more, men or women, by clicking on the button after the article. There is a great … Read More

“I’m your huckleberry!”

Doc Holliday
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“I’m your huckleberry!” One of our more popular, fun polls in the early stages of Poll Smash has been “What … Read More

Which of the presented Garbage Pail Kids is your favorite?

GPK poll
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For those of you who lack the patience to read the article, you can scroll down to see the 9 … Read More

If Pepsi brings back only ONE of these, which would you prefer, Pepsi Blue or Crystal Pepsi?

Crystal vs. Blue
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#BringBackCrystalPepsi or #BringBackPepsiBlue? It is time for a Pepsi fan civil war.  The mother of all affinity polls has arrived … Read More

Do you pick up your dog’s poop?

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The temperature in Cleveland frequently reaches far below freezing.  When I let my fat little bulldog, Stella, out to do … Read More

What is the best diet for weight loss?

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  When you are finished with the article, you will be directed to vote on one of the following choices: … Read More

Should Pepsi Bring Back Crystal Pepsi?

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Sign up for our free emails! Crystal Pepsi.  1992-1993.  Rest in Peace. As quickly as it splashed into the pop … Read More

Who will win the 2015 World Series?

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  Baseball is here again.  As a Cleveland Indians fan, I was excited to see that Sports Illustrated selected the … Read More

What is the most embarrassing movie scene ever?

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For your entertainment, read the post below and watch the funny videos.  Also, subscribe to our emails so you never … Read More

Was Trevor Noah the right choice to replace Jon Stewart?

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Before voting on this controversial topic, please read the post.  We have also provided you with two great videos for … Read More

Is Lebron James Overrated?

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  Is Lebron James one of the best players of all time, or is he simply the most overrated player … Read More

Are you afraid to fly?

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Read the post below for valuable statistics before you vote.  Also, please leave comments.  We like data from voting, but we … Read More