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Poll Smash is a website for fun opinion polls and classic debates. It was launched in early March of 2015. with the name of Poll Smash because we envision the idea of voting as something that people do with conviction.  The imagery we have for that is someone literally smashing something.

The caveman as the logo comes from the idea that voting with conviction, or smashing as we like to call it, is an action that is basic and primitive in human beings.  Since the time of cavemen, people have been voicing their opinions on how a community should act by simply raising their hands (or clubs) and voting.  The caveman represents this primitive force in all of us.  It represents our idea to help a community evolve through the idea of collective decision making, otherwise known as voting, which you may affectionately refer to as smashing when you are doing it at Poll Smash.

Caveman logo

Harry the Caveman

Like the idea of the human race evolving since the time of cavemen, Poll Smash too is constantly evolving.  What you have seen so far is nothing compared to what Poll Smash will be.  Our current features that allow anyone to vote and create polls for free will be with this community for many years. What you can look forward to, in addition, is a more complex Poll Smash community where visitors can create simple profiles that will allow them to manage their own polls, follow the great polls of others, and interact with fellow smashers in a unique and positive way.  We will also be offering amazing giveaways via contests that will surely liven up your day with lots of fun.

In the meantime, enjoy the hard work we have put into this website.  Enjoy the articles, the video clips, and of course, the polls.  Sign up for our emails to receive great articles, valuable offers, and just a whole lot of primitive, smashing fun.

Be aware that if polls are being conducted by an actual company related to any of their products, it will be very clear to the voters, as voters will only be able to access those polls through the avenue chosen by the company.  Any poll we put out related to any company or any of their products is strictly for entertainment purposes.  Further, know that the opinions expressed on this website are not necessarily the opinions of the owners of this website.  This is a social community platform will many opinions are permitted, with the spirit that debate leads to societal progress. While we do our best to monitor the activity of users, we may not be able to recognize material that is offensive to others.  Because we encourage a positive community, we suggest that you contact us if you find material or opinions unnecessarily offensive, and we will be happy to take a good look at it. 

Have some fun every day, and come visit us often at Poll Smash, the best voting and debate experience on the Internet.