GMOs: Good or Bad?

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  Before voting on this opinion poll, read the brief outline of each side of this controversial debate below. As … Read More

Official Pepsi Response to Bring Back Pepsi Blue Petition Letter

Bring Back Pepsi Blue official Pepsi Response
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It appears that our efforts to bring back Pepsi Blue have fallen short of success, at least at this moment. … Read More

Petition for Pepsi to Bring Back Pepsi Blue

Pepsi Blue
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Fans have spoken, and clearly want PepsiCo to bring back Pepsi Blue.  What was once an opinion poll is now … Read More

Petition Letter to Pepsi to #BringBackCrystalPepsi

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As soon as we put our Crystal Pepsi poll out into the public a couple months ago, voters responded swiftly with … Read More

How much do you care where your food comes from?

Organic food poll
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Sure, I choose to buy organic foods. Sometimes. When I go to the grocery store, I am sure to pick up a … Read More

If Pepsi brings back only ONE of these, which would you prefer, Pepsi Blue or Crystal Pepsi?

Crystal vs. Blue
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#BringBackCrystalPepsi or #BringBackPepsiBlue? It is time for a Pepsi fan civil war.  The mother of all affinity polls has arrived … Read More

Should Pepsi Bring Back Crystal Pepsi?

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Sign up for our free emails! Crystal Pepsi.  1992-1993.  Rest in Peace. As quickly as it splashed into the pop … Read More

What is your favorite flavor Ramen noodle?

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  So many of us have been down the Ramen road.  For whatever reason (usually to save money), we load … Read More