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2016 Presidential Debate and Election Polls 

Whether you are Democrat, Republican, Independent or Green, Poll Smash is your home for continuous, fun opinion polls and debates related to the 2016 Presidential Election.  Vote on all the action as it happens.

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October 19, 2015:  Just a moment of reflection… Hillary has avoided the email scandal with all her power.  Donald Trump thinks he can literally deport every single illegal immigrant (at least that is what he says). We all know that every presidential candidate is always full of shit.  Who is more full of it?  Hillary, or Donald?

Poll:  Who is more full of B.S., Hillary Clinton or Donald Trump?


September 22, 2015:  Scott Walker has exited the race for the 2016 presidential nomination.  Good bye!

September 12, 2015:  Governor Rick Perry is the first candidate to drop out of the race for the 2016 presidential nomination.

August 18, 2015: I am impressed with Bernie Sanders and his ability to generate massive crowds. I am especially intrigued with his online social media presence and marketing strategy. The combination of the two have prompted a surge at the polls for Senator Sanders.  As a result, the once untouchable Hillary Clinton lead at the polls is now dwindling, giving Sanders a real chance for nomination. If Vice President Biden steps into the race, it is believed that the Clinton lead could diminish even more, putting Sanders nearly equal to Clinton. 

Poll: Are you feeling the Bern, or Berning out?

August 14, 2015: There are rumors floating around the Internet that Al Gore may run for president in 2016.    Gore lost to George W. Bush in the 2000 presidential election by only 5 electoral votes despite receiving more of the popular vote. 

Poll: Would you vote for Al Gore for President?

August 2nd, 2015: Marijuana legalization will play a major role in the 2016 election. However, much of the current political discourse centers around the decriminalization of the drug as opposed to the full blown legalization for recreational purposes.  That said, with some states already supporting marijuana for recreational use, it seems clear, at least at some point in our future, that marijuana for recreational purposes will sweep through the majority of the states, if not all of them. The movement is comparable, I think, to the same sex marriage movement that rapidly turned from a few states supporting it, to many states supporting it, to it becoming a federal law. It took a while for the same sex marriage movement to gain momentum, but once the proverbial ball got rolling, its acceptance grew rapidly.

Forget the simple decriminalization of marijuana for a moment. We will leave that discussion for the timid politicians to debate. Instead, we wish to focus on the legalization of marijuana for fully recreational purposes, where anyone who is of legal age can walk down to the corner store and purchase marijuana in the same way they can tobacco, alcohol, or firearms, all of which are more deadly.

What are your thoughts? Your vote is anonymous, but you are welcome to comment.

Poll: Should marijuana be legal for recreational purposes?

July 29, 2015: President Obama recently said that if he ran for president in 2016, he would win. Would you vote for him again?

Poll: If Obama ran for a 3rd term in 2016, would you vote for him?

July 23, 2015: If people are cynical of American politics, perhaps it is because of the degree of hypocrisy involved. Carly Fiorina is no exception. Here is the simple logic as to why that is:

  • Fiorina attacked Hillary Clinton about her silence on planned parenthood. According to, “It doesn’t matter whether you think you’re pro-choice or pro-life,” Fiorina says. “Every woman, every man has to look at these videos and think, what has gone wrong in our nation?” She continued, accusing Planned Parenthood of “hypocrisy” and “cruelty”.
  • One of Fiorina’s contributors in 2010, according to Yahoo Finance, was Bank of America. Further, Fiorina currently invests significant stock in Bank of America.
  • Bank of America is a direct contributor, according to, of Planned Parenthood.

You can connect the dots from there. To be fair to Fiorina and the other candidates, it would be impossible to agree with everything that every single one of your financial affiliates does. That said, it is hard to ignore the hypocrisy when a candidate is so outspoken about a cause that an affiliate is directly tied to. That is the case with Fiorina and her affiliation with Bank of America, and it reflects on the corruption of our political system.

Forget about Planned Parenthood for a moment. Anytime a candidate stumps hard and preaches loud about an ethical opinion should make sure, I think, that they are not tied to organizations who believe the opposite. That’s just me.

Poll: Do you think it is okay for a candidate to be financially tied to an organization that is polar opposite of them on ethical opinions?  

July 21, 2015: Governor John Kasich, from Ohio, has officially entered the 2016 Republican candidates field. Do you care? Chances are, Kasich will not receive the nomination for president. The latest polls I have seen show him receiving 1% of the votes. However, Kasich is from Ohio, one of the key swing states in an election. For this reason alone, he could be the ideal vice president nominee for whomever the Republicans nominate for president. It may not be the best reason for a person to receive the vice president spot on the election ticket, but getting votes is probably one of the main reasons a person gets that spot. Would Kasich make the ideal vice presidential candidate for the Republican ticket?

Poll: Of the top Republican candidates, which would make the best vice presidential candidate?

July 19, 2015:  I am trying to be fair to Donald Trump and his 2016 presidential campaign, but he is making it very difficult. I would like to write more updates from his camp that are less on the controversial side. It’s clear, however, that his campaign strategy is to gain as much attention by way of controversy and public insults, so I am left with no other choice.

I woke up today to find a new article when I was browsing for relevant 2016 presidential election news. I was shocked to find out that The Donald found a need to publicly insult John McCain, as well as hundreds of thousands of former war heros. According to NBC, Trump stated about McCain, “He’s not a war hero. He’s a war hero because he was captured. I like people that weren’t captured.”

He also referred to McCain as a “dummy” and insulted him in other ways before later making efforts to backtrack on his statement.  Now, he is in hot water, again, this time with a whole new group of people.

I did not vote for John McCain when he ran for president in 2008, but I certainly never even thought in private, let alone spoke in public, such a crazy statement as the one flung by Donald Trump about John McCain. It is the most absurd of all thoughts.  As the son of a humble Vietnam veteran, I have always hated war, but respected our soldiers. The careless, filterless, and un-American comments that were spewed by Donald Trump about John McCain insulted me, so I am sure it insulted many other Americans who are much more gung-ho about American military service than I am.

Either Donald Trump is extremely clever by gaining public attention through controversy and insults, or he is a raging idiot who has not learned, even in old age, how to bite his proverbial tongue in certain situations, especially when it comes to respecting the service of our veterans.

Poll: Is Donald Trump insane?

July 16, 2015: Presidential candidates have already collected more than $377 million dollars in campaign contributions, according to U.S. News. Hillary Clinton leads the way with $47 million dollars. Jeb Bush has collected $11.4 million in only one month.  

If anyone would like to donate a good million or two to me, a modest teacher, please feel free to contact me.

Poll: Is money/celebrity status more useful to a presidential candidate than substance/experience?

July 14, 2015:  The banter between Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton in the race for the 2016 presidential election continues. According to NBC News, ” 

Speaking yesterday to an audience of Latino activists, Clinton said Trump’s remarks were “appalling,” adding “I have just one word for Mr. Trump: Basta. Enough.”

Trump countered that Clinton’s statement was “nasty” and that he’s merely interested in telling the truth about immigration.

“I speak as well as anybody,” he said. “I went to one of the greatest schools in the world. I can speak better than anybody. But we need energy, we need something behind what we say.”

It appears to me, at this early stage in the race, that Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton will continue to attack one another for as long as they are both candidates. My guess is they will not be the only two candidates who act this way. I know a lot of people say that they do not like “dirty campaigns.”  These campaigns, however, draw massive media attention to the attacker (and the attacked).  With that media attention comes free exposure, and therefore, more attention from voters.  Whether you love or hate the technique, it is an effective way to reach the voters. 

Long gone are the days where candidates can simply stump on what their beliefs are. Now, everything they say, and how they say it, comes under significant attack. For better or worse, that is how the election season operates.

Poll: Whether you like them or not, do you think negative political campaigns are effective?

July 12, 2015:  Republican candidate Lindsey Graham is not happy with Fox News and their method for narrowing the debates they will host on August 6 down to 10 candidates.  According to the Washington Examiner, Graham said, “It’s all about money, and what you’re going to reward over time is the people with the most money and you’re destroying the early primary process and I think that’s bad for the Republican Party.” Do you think money and celebrity status are rewarded more in election debates than substance and real experience is?

Poll: Is money/celebrity status more useful to a presidential candidate than substance/experience?

July 10, 2015:  Jeb Bush has an interesting way to persuade people to vote for him at the polls. He recently suggested that Americans need to work longer hours in order to stimulate the economy.  Say what, Jeb? You want me to work more?

Bush’s camp claims his statement was taken out of context.  His full statement, according to Newsweek, was: “My aspiration for the country and I believe we can achieve it, is 4% growth as far as the eye can see. Which means we have to be a lot more productive, workforce participation has to rise from its all-time modern lows. It means that people need to work longer hours and, through their productivity, gain more income for their families.”

You decide if his statement was taken out of context. 

Now, a better economy is always preferred.  However, some might suggest the economy is just fine the way it is right now. For the sake of argument, assume the economy really is in need of stimulating.  Is the solution really to have Americans work longer hours? I personally feel we overwork ourselves the way it is, and any further collective economic benefits do not outweigh the consequences of longer work hours, at least in my case. Nevertheless, I imagine there are some people out there who agree with Jeb Bush’s take on economic growth. Are you one of those people? Do you agree with, and are okay with, the idea of working more hours for a better economy. Or, are you like me, and feel overworked the way it is? Regardless of your opinion, we want to know. Contribute to this 2016 election debate topic and vote at our opinion poll for this:   Should Americans work longer hours to encourage economic growth?

Poll: Should Americans work longer hours to encourage economic growth?

July 9, 2015:  Democrat Jim Webb attended Annapolis, is a decorated Vietnam veteran, and has held high positions in the United States Navy.  No doubt, one of his strong running points is his military experience. Some current candidates never served.  Also, President Obama never served in the military.  While it is clear that a person can be elected president without having served in the military, do you believe the Commander-in-Chief should have real military experience?

Poll:  How important is it to you that the POTUS served in the military?

July 9, 2015: In an interview with NBC, Donald Trump, referring to people who are of Mexican origin, said, “They love me, I love them. And I’ll tell you something, if I get the nomination, I’ll win the Latino vote.” Mr. Trump is awfully confident less than one week after his comments regarding illegal immigrants, which were widely viewed as insensitive and racist toward the Latino community.  How do you think the Latino community will respond to Donald Trump at the 2016 presidential election polls?

 Poll: Do you think people who are of Latino descent like Donald Trump?

July 8, 2015:  Scott Walker is expected to officially declare the 2016 presidential race soon.  One problem some people might have with Walker is that he never received a college degree.  According to Politico, “During his junior year, he lost a race for student body president and he got a job offer from the American Red Cross, so he left Marquette (“in good standing,” his supporters often note). He planned to go back and complete his degree, but he got sucked into a whirlwind political career, and he never found the time to finish up.” We ask you, should this matter?  What is the minimum level of education a president should have?

Poll:  What is the minimum level of education a president should have?

July 3, 2015:  Donald Trump has landed himself in his first gigantic tub of hot water since announcing his candidacy for president.  According to Jake Miller of CBS news, Trump said, “When Mexico sends its people, they’re not sending their best,” he said. “They’re sending people that have lots of problems…they’re bringing drugs, they’re bringing crime. They’re rapists. And some, I assume, are good people.” As a result of the racist comments, NBC has severed ties with Trump and Macy’s has discontinued his clothing line.  There is and will be more backlash to be sure.  With his concurrent rise in the election polls, however, it remains to be seen how significantly this will diminish his chances for election.

Donald Trump’s tactless demeanor aside, illegal immigration has indeed been a hotly debated topic in this country for a long time.  Where do you stand on illegal immigration?  For more insight on this debate, which will surely be an integral part of the 2016 presidential debates, read our article on illegal immigration: Illegal Immigration Article

Poll:  What is your position on illegal immigration?

June 30th, 2015:  Governor Chris Christie has officially entered the race, adding to an already gluttonous field of Republican candidates.  As a result of “Bridgegate” in 2014, Gov. Christie’s chances of becoming president have become jammed by falling poll numbers across the country, not too mention, his own home state of New Jersey.  No doubt, it will be a hefty challenge for Governor Christie to regain his popularity and be a legitimate candidate for president again.  While Governor Christie denies any involvement in Bridgegate, public perception remains his enemy.  According to Politico, citing a Monmouth University poll, 50% of New Jersey residents believe that he was involved in Bridgegate while only 34% do not.  What do you think?  Did Bridgegate destroy Governor Christie’s chance of becoming president?

Poll:  Did Bridgegate destroy Governor Christie’s chance of becoming president?

Jun 28, 2015:   Hillary Clinton continues to lead all candidates, both Republican and Democrat, in the early election polls.  With the progressive society that America has become, especially in light of same-sex marriage becoming legal in all 50 states, and with the current president making history when he was elected as the first black president, is America ready for the first female president in Hillary Clinton?  It is a debate that has yet to reach significant mainstream political discourse, but it is one that has no doubt surfaced in the minds of Americans everywhere.

If you found this interesting, the following article/poll may also interest you: Which Woman Should be on the New $10 Bill?

Poll: Is America ready for a female president?

June 26, 2015:  The supreme court ruled in favor of same sex marriage across all 50 states.  According to Fox News, Florida Governor and presidential hopeful Jeb Bush had this to say:

“Guided by my faith, I believe in traditional marriage.  I believe the Supreme Court should have allowed the states to make this decision.  I also believe that we should love our neighbor and respect others, including those making lifetime commitments.  In a country as diverse as ours, good people who have opposing views should be able to live side by side.”

Same sex marriage is a political debate that has gone on for many years.  People with opinions on this issue are typically passionate about their stance.  Further, while history has been made, it was made with only a 5-4 Supreme Court vote.  It truly was an historic day, but it does not mean everyone agrees with the equality that was delivered.  What is your opinion on this historic political debate?

Poll: How do you feel about same sex marriage?

June 25, 2015: Bobby Jindal announced his official candidacy for president.  He did so by calling his own Republican Party the “stupid party” because they make too many “offensive, bizarre comments”, according to Politico.  What is your opinion on this? Do you believe Jindal was right?  Regardless, it should make for some interesting tension once the Republican debates begin.

Poll: Do you think the Republican Party is the “stupid party”?

June 23, 2015:  Opinion poll presented by @USA Election2016:

Poll: At this point, which candidate do you favor?

June 23, 2015:  In light of the Confederate Flag buzz (Should South Carolina ban the Confederate flag?), Hillary Clinton’s campaign might take a hit because of a 1992 Clinton-Gore campaign button that featured the Confederate flag.  Should this matter?

Poll: Should the Clinton-Gore 1992 Confederate Flag campaign button impact Hillary?

June 22, 2015: Donald Trump has officially entered the race to be the next President of the United States.  Less than two weeks ago, The Donald turned 69 years old.  If he is elected, he will be the oldest person to ever take office. Forget all of your political beliefs for a moment, and whether or not you think he would make a good president or not.  Just consider, for this poll, if Trump is too old to be president.

Poll: Is Donald Trump too old to be President of the United States?

May 13, 2015: Republican Candidates were asked who their favorite living president is. The answer from three of these brilliant minds was… wait for it… Ronald Reagan (may he rest in peace). Get it… he is deceased. Anyway, Poll Smash wants to know if you can answer this opinion question better than Donald Trump, Bobby Jindal, and Ted Cruz did. Who is your favorite LIVING president? 

Poll: Who is your favorite LIVING president? 



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    Well that’s interesting, thanks for that. I have no idea anywhere else on the planet other than america where people would be dumb enough to vote for a racist like Trump. Ended up will be the days and nights of great presidents like Jimmy Carter and Gerald Ford. Anyway, sorry for my rant. Here’s where I get my Anti Trump goods.

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