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I don’t know about you, but the Indiana Jones trilogy consumed too much of my childhood. I don’t care. The late evenings my brother and I spent watching the superhero from the comfort of our furnished basement in northeastern Ohio was a bonding experience that only two brothers can understand. No doubt, Indiana Jones, along with Beetlejuice, Lou Brown (Major League), and Billy the Kid (Young Guns) helped shape our early brotherly relationship. Now, like my childhood, the Indiana Jones trilogy is a thing of the past, but the memories are vibrant. Therefore, in honor of the great Dr. Jones, and what he meant to my childhood, we offer some fun and debatable polls for your enjoyment.

Below are classical debates related to the Indiana Jones series. Vote on them.  Feel free to let us know of more poll ideas for Indiana Jones.

What was your favorite of the original Indiana Jones movies?

Would you be interested in actors other than Harrison Ford playing Indiana Jones?  The James Bond series has been successful with this. Perhaps the Indiana Jones series could as well.

Which of Indiana Jones’s romantic interests did you like best?

Did you think Kingdom of the Crystal Skull was bad for the Indiana Jones legacy?

How many times have you seen the Indiana Jones movies?

The brothers of Poll Smash love Indiana Jones. We encourage fellow fans to engage in discourse about Indiana Jones by voting on polls, discussing the polls, and creating your own polls related to Indiana Jones. Let us know your thoughts on the above discussion points and submit your own.


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