How do You Remember Robin Williams?

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July 21st, 2015 would have been Robin Williams 64th birthday. Unfortunately, we lost him on August 11, 2014 to suicide. While his life ended tragically, he brought us a special kind of joy that we will never forget. Below is a list of the top ways we at Poll Smash remember Robin Williams.  Join us in remembering Robin Williams as a jovial and thoughtful man who brought us a lifetime of memories through his on-screen talent by reliving some of his greatest moments and voting on this fun opinion poll.

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How do you most remember Robin Williams?

Mork and Mindy

Robin Williams, the Stand-Up Comedian (Explicit Language)

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Good Morning Vietnam

Robin Williams as the Captain (Oh Captain, My Captain scene from Dead Poets Society)


Robin Williams as Mrs. Doubtfire

Good Will Hunting (Explicit Language)

Obviously, Robin’s career involved much more than these several clips. Throughout his time, he dazzled us with his energetic stand-up comedy, he brightened our lives by being a grown child with his roles in movies like Jumanji and Aladdin, and he moved us with his introspective sensitivity in countless other films.  Sadly, he is gone now, and there will never be anyone who can replace him. However, the joy that he brought us will remain forever.

How do you most remember Robin Williams? Vote on our poll to contribute to the memory of this funny and larger-than-life man.

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How do you most remember Robin Williams?

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