Official Pepsi Response to Bring Back Pepsi Blue Petition Letter

Bring Back Pepsi Blue official Pepsi Response
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It appears that our efforts to bring back Pepsi Blue have fallen short of success, at least at this moment. We received this unfortunate news in an official letter from PepsiCo just the other day.  Despite the discouraging news, we are not giving up hope that one day we will be able to taste that sweet Pepsi Blue again.  You can view the letter below.  

First, we would like to extend a sincere thanks to all of you who have loyally supported the #BringBackPepsiBlue movement.  Continue to do so.  We do not believe it is over.  In order for this movement to realize any progress, however, the following points must be considered.

  1. Make sure you vote on our Bring Back Pepsi Blue petition poll. It is also important that you share the poll on social media as often as you can.  The poll is nearing 2,000 votes in support of bringing the beverage back, with only a small handful of negative votes. There is great strength in numbers. Consider this poll a petition, and get as many people as you can to vote on it.
  2. Bug the hell out of PepsiCo. Call 1-800-433-2652 AS MUCH AS YOU CAN, and request the return of Pepsi Blue. If they bring it back just to shut us up, that would be good enough for me.
  3. If you have any type of celebrity status, please consider becoming vocal about bringing Pepsi Blue back.  If you know someone who has celebrity status, and liked Pepsi Blue, ask them to become involved. The reason the #BringBackCrystalPepsi movement is on the verge of success is because of the passionate efforts of the L.A. Beast. Because he has a large audience of loyal fans, he has been able to orchestrate a large and effective movement. The Pepsi Blue cause does not have a celebrity face to the movement, and I believe it needs one in order to be successful.

Know that Poll Smash will continue to make efforts in any way that is within our power.  We will continue to make calls, write PepsiCo, and be a springboard for the #BringBackPepsiBlue movement as much as we can be. There is no way we can do this alone, however. We need every Pepsi Blue fan to unite in a passionate and proactive way, in order for any success to happen.

If you are genuinely interested in tasting Pepsi Blue again, we are challenging you to stand up and make a small effort. If there is not a united community of individuals who REALLY want Pepsi Blue back, the success will be impossible. If, however, YOU invest a small amount of your time toward this cause, and the thousands of other great people who want Pepsi Blue back do as well, a powerful and collective voice will ring through the halls of PepsiCo headquarters, and we will indeed have a chance.

Without further delay, here is the official Pepsi response to the letter I sent them a few weeks ago (you can read that petition letter here):

Official Pepsi Response Pepsi Blue

Official Pepsi Response to Pepsi Blue Petition Letter

If you are as bummed as me about this letter, then take action now. Become proactive in the movement to Bring Back Pepsi Blue.

On a final note, there is a bit of hidden sunshine in this gloomy letter. The people who are also interested in the return of Crystal Pepsi can take some comfort in the difference between this letter and the one that we received regarding the petition to bring back Crystal Pepsi (view that here). The Crystal Pepsi letter, as loyal followers of that cause know, states that we, the Crystal Pepsi fans, can be happy with what is “in store” for us. The promises held in those words have resonated throughout the Internet with a rejoicing force, and has left so many fans in suspense, waiting in bliss for word on when the re-release of that great product will occur. Keep in mind that the reason for the progress in that movement is because the L.A. Beast has orchestrated a massive and passionate movement to achieve Crystal Pepsi success. The Pepsi Blue movement needs a similar combination of celebrity presence and fan dedication for it to experience the same kind of success.  Are you up to the challenge? 

“Obstacles don’t have to stop you. If you run into a wall, don’t turn around and give up. Figure out how to climb it, go through it, or work around it.” -Michael Jordan

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38 Comments on “Official Pepsi Response to Bring Back Pepsi Blue Petition Letter”

  1. brandon harbaugh

    i cant believe they brought back that shit crystal pepsi instead of this. just blows my mind.

  2. Indie Author Jason Blayne

    Pepsi Blue was the absolute best soft drink available back in the early 2000’s. Best thing I’ve found that comes very close to it are two different blue Faygo sodas & if you happen to be near a Circle K fueling station their fountain selection of Mountain Dew Voltage comes within a close taste of it but fountain only. I reference Pepsi Blue from my second book (due to be released this year 2016) on with my Shadow Wolves Tears of Blood and again the following books in the series too. So now you have a YA/NA indie author fighting to bring it back too.

  3. Sean Dougherty

    Awesome. The Faygo is not bad. Thanks for letting us know about your book. Good luck, and hopefully we can get another taste of the real Pepsi Blue one of these days again.

  4. Jeremy Biella

    I don’t know why they can’t just do a limited-time deal just make a certain amount and sell it for the allotted time I think they can make a profit off of it

  5. stephanie johnson

    i loved this rink and crave it almost everyday. PLAESE BRING PEPSI BLUE BACK!!!!!

  6. Sean Dougherty

    Seems like commons sense to me. I think it would be definite profit for them.

  7. LaCarl Dansby

    Mix 2 part Fanta Berry 1 part Pepsi Cola tastes close to Pepsi Blue, Bust Still bring back the real Pepsi Blue

  8. Julian

    I vaguely remember tasting Pepsi blue as a kid and liking it. It would be great if it could come back. While were at it, is there anyway we could try to get them to re-r elease Pepsi perfect for a little while without the stupid limits and bug website? I tried to get it both times last year, and was very angry at how bad their set up was. #BringbackPepsiPerfect

  9. Sean Dougherty

    Wow. I totally forgot about Pepsi Perfect. We will try to put something out soon about it. Thanks!

  10. Chad

    They brought Surge back and it tastes as good as the late 90s!! so come on Pepsi, bring back pepsi blue!!

  11. ClawVentures

    They honestly need to get off their asses and bring back Pepsi Blue already. Coke brought back Surge and it’s selling just fine. Pepsi fucked themselves over with that “Crystal Pepsi” bullshit they pulled a few years ago. Now they will never re-release Pepsi Blue.

  12. Maʀʏ hall

    I ʟօʋʋʋʋʋɛɛɛ Pɛքsɨ ɮʟʊɛ I աɨsɦ tɦɛʏ աօʊʟɖ ɮʀɨռɢ ɨt back

  13. Louis Connatser

    Literally drank more than a 24 pack of Pepsi Blue every week while it was out. Favorite drink of all time by far. Never had Crystal Pepsi originally, though I don’t know why, I drank plenty of soda when I was 4-5 years old. Tried the new release of CP the other day, and it’s basically just water that vaguely resembles a Pepsi flavor. So Pepsi-ish flavored water VS Ultimate Berry Cola Fusion Pepsi? No contest… They have Pepsi Max, Pepsi One (why), Diet Pepsi, Caffeine Free Pepsi, Diet Caffeine Free Pepsi, Cherry Pepsi, Diet Cherry Pepsi, Cherry Vanilla Pepsi, Diet Cherry Vanilla Pepsi, Throwback Pepsi (may be gone now), those 1893 Pepsi’s, and now Crystal Pepsi… Is one more flavor gonna put them out of business or something? They don’t even have my second favorite, Vanilla Pepsi, anymore. Bring Pepsi Blue the heck back, and I won’t buy any other drink.

  14. Sean Dougherty

    Well said. I personally like the Crystal Pepsi, but to each his own. Miss the Blue. Need it back.

  15. rymarkenz

    you should try the mtn dew kickstart in blueberry pomegranate! Its not quite the same but I tried it and I was instantly reminded of the sweet deliciousness of pepsi blue!!!

  16. Diego Salas

    Please bring back that magical elixir. I still dream about it at times. It was that good.

  17. Daryl Butler


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  19. Megan

    In need of the bliue Pepsi … My dad bought me one every day after school back In the day … We both loved it #bringbackbluepepsi

  20. Joshua

    Crystal Pepsi is back, but why are you all loving Pepsi Blue. They have also Mountain Dew Pitch Black and Surge. So what now??? Pepsi Blue is available in the Philippines and Indonesia. Just go on a trip to Indonesia or the Philippines and buy some… 😠😠😠

  21. T rex

    Man,nobody want to goes on a trip, just to get Pepsi blue from Philippines or Malaysia for countless of time.Beside that from what i hear yall pepsi blue isnt same as usa once before.someone said it taste more of pepsi than berry while the soda texture color is light blue. Plus it originally were in USA til they discontinued it around 2005.I pretty sure those who comment I feel the same.they should bring back pepsi blue and make it limited time. if it sells well this time then would have to be permanently.if doesn’t justify it,then should be gone for good never again. Please Pepsi co just give it another chance.just like crystal pepsi,cherry vanilla pepsi, mtn dew pitch black and orignal formula pepsi 1893 can they are permanent but not Pepsi blue or even Pepsi twist why not both pepsico.Come on now.

  22. T rex

    Also pepsi co,If you decide to change your mind about not bringing back Pepsi blue.Please keep the same ingredient and don’t mess it all up.For those who actually real fan of the your product.

  23. Cheyenne

    Pepsi blue needs to make a comeback like today in my lifetime I want my babies and grandbabies to know about Pepsi blue.

  24. Janeika Jenkins

    Right bring back pepsi blue it would sale considering we all loved it as a kid we are much older now soo have a better chance of buying it!!

  25. Hosting

    The marketer dipped its toe in the water in December, when it gave Crystal away via a sweepstakes on the Pepsi Pass app. Bringing back old sodas has become a popular marketing ploy for marketers seeking to stoke interest on social media.

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