How do You Remember Robin Williams?

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July 21st, 2015 would have been Robin Williams 64th birthday. Unfortunately, we lost him on August 11, 2014 to suicide. … Read More

GMOs: Good or Bad?

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  Before voting on this opinion poll, read the brief outline of each side of this controversial debate below. As … Read More

Official Pepsi Response to Bring Back Pepsi Blue Petition Letter

Bring Back Pepsi Blue official Pepsi Response
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It appears that our efforts to bring back Pepsi Blue have fallen short of success, at least at this moment. … Read More

Illegal Immigration

illegal immigration
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There are many opinions on the debate of illegal immigration.  What is your opinion?  Read the article and vote on … Read More

John Adams vs. Thomas Jefferson

Imaginary Fight Adams and Jefferson
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Before voting on this fun opinion poll, read the article below to gather a little background information on our two contestants. … Read More