Dog Breeds

Dog Breeds
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Which of these dog breeds is your favorite?

This poll requests your opinion on your favorite of some of the most popular dog breeds.  The top 7 dog breeds of 2014, according to the American Kennel Club are:

1.  Labrador Retrievers

2. German Shepherds

3. Golden Retrievers

4.  English Bulldogs

5. Beagles

6.  Yorkshire Terriers

7.  Poodles

For this poll, we will focus on these seven dog breeds because they represent a fair diversity in style of dog breeds.  Below is a picture and brief description of each one.

1.  Labrador Retriever

Dog Breeds

Black Labrador Retriever

For over 20 years now, the Labrador Retriever has held the top spot in the American Kennel Club rankings.  This lovable, patient, fun, and intelligent dog makes for the perfect all-around family pet.  They are easy to train and great with children.  While they are named for their ability to retrieve small hunting game, they are certainly more well known for their popularity as the perfect family dog.

2. German Shepherd

Dog Breeds

German Shepherd

This dog breed is one of the most skilled of all highly trainable dog breeds, which is why they are often used as police dogs and for other services where intense focus and obedience is necessary.  German Shepherds are great for protection due to their courage, their ability to recognize strangers, and their dedication to their owners.  They are full of energy and possess a great deal of agility and athleticism making them them a great breed for owners who like a companion to run around with everyday.

3. Golden Retriever

Dog Breeds

Golden Retriever

Similar to a Labrador Retriever, the Golden Retriever received its name because of its use to hunters.  Also like Labs, they are an obedient and loyal dog breed that are intelligent and easy to train, which makes them good functional companions for individuals who are blind or who need therapy dogs.  They are larger dogs with a good deal of energy, so they do need sufficient exercise on a daily basis. In the end, these loveable dogs another great all around family dog breed whose popularity is timeless.  

4.  English Bulldog

Dog Breeds

My Bullie, Stella!

I am heavily biased in this conversation because I have the pleasure of owning one of these hilarious balls of pudge and love.  My bulldog, Stella (see above), is a typical bullie in that she has perfected the art of sleeping and lazing on the couch.  Even though bulldogs are stubborn, and they most certainly are that, it is easy to accept their obstinance because it leads to the emergence of incredibly strong personalities that provide hours of laughter.  Further, they are by nature, one of God’s sweetest creatures, so it is easy to accept them as they are.

Bulldogs are one of the more expensive dog breeds, but they truly are worth every penny.  Also, while health problems are more common for these breeds, mainly because their legs quickly deteriorate from the unbalanced weight distribution, and their fat rolls can lead to skin infections and breathing problems, the rewards of owning a bulldog far outweigh the negative health issues. This great dog breed loves being around people as much as they love sleeping, so they make wonderful companions.  They are also fantastic with children.  Another positive characteristic, in my opinion, is that they are never in a hurry to do anything except eat.  Finally, while they are probably not the most traditionally intelligent of dog breeds, it’s okay, because they really don’t care.  They just want to eat, sleep, and make you laugh.

If you are in the market for a dog, and you want a low maintenance continuous ball of smiles and laughter that you will not need to exert much of your own energy to entertain, an English Bulldog might just be for you.  I personally cannot recommend this dog breed enough.

5.  Beagles

Dog Breeds


From what I have experienced with beagles, they seem to get along with everyone.  They do have lots of energy by nature, but in no way are they aggressive toward people. Plus, they are fairly small in size, which is a big plus for many owners.  These traits are great for people who want energetic, playful dogs without the overbearing physical interactions that other high-energy dog breeds can have.

Like all dogs who are full of natural energy, the beagle does require a significant amount of physical activity.   It is also not a dog that can be left to roam unsupervised, or it may just take off after a rabbit, or other small game.  Nevertheless, their easy going and energetic personality makes them one of the most popular dog breeds.

6.  Yorkshire Terrier

Dog Breeds


The highest ranking of the small dog breeds on the AKC list is the Yorkie. My grandmother had a Yorkie named Doogie. Doogie was a sweet little dog, but was a little too skittish and distant for my liking.  He made my grandmother happy, though, so I had nothing but love for Doogie.

A Yorkie looks like a mini Chewbacca and sound like stress and anxiety when they yelp.  That said, they are indeed a popular dog breed, and for good reasons.  They have just the right amount of energy, and have large, friendly personalities to accompany their wookie, yet dignified appearance.

7.  Poodle

Dog Breeds


Poodles are smart, friendly, elegant, proud, and playful.  Their unique, ultra soft coat lends itself to pampering, which owners of poodles are happy to do.  Of all the dog breeds in the world, the poodle is the most spoiled.  Don’t mistake this for bratty, however.  Poodles are very affectionate to their owners.  They are also highly athletic dogs, which, coupled with their high intelligence, makes them great for obedience competitions.  The trade off for the powerful package of pleasure that poodles provide, however, is a fairly high maintenance pup.  Poodles can easily develop separation anxiety and quickly become upset if they are in an environment that is not peaceful.  Further, they are prone to barking a lot.

Those are the top 7 dog breeds from the American Kennel Club 2014 list.  Now go, vote on your favorite on the list, or let us know of another breed that you like best.  Click on the button below to go vote.

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Which of these dog breeds do you like best?

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