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Fans have spoken, and clearly want PepsiCo to bring back Pepsi Blue.  What was once an opinion poll is now a solid petition and demonstration of passion.  As we promised we would, we have drafted a formal letter to PepsiCo requesting for them to bring Pepsi Blue back for public consumption.  Our case, I believe, is strong, especially due to the widespread support of the #BringBackPepsiBlue community, and the individuals who have turned out in high numbers to voice their opinion on this poll.  

The petition letter that has been mailed to PepsiCo, demanding the return of Pepsi Blue, may be seen below.  Once the response has been given to us, it will also be posted on this website.  Keep the faith, Pepsi Blue fans.  The growing popularity of the nostalgic beverage craze is on our side.

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Here is the letter to PepsiCo:


Mr. Carey,

I am writing on behalf of thousands of Pepsi fans that are eager for you to bring back Pepsi Blue. I realize you had your reasons for pulling Pepsi Blue from the market in 2004. I believe, however, that our culture has changed drastically since then, and this product would be received much differently than it was when you first brought it out.

First, I am sure your abilities to market through social media are much greater than they were 13 years ago. There are various movements dedicated to Pepsi Blue on the major social media sites.   These fine folks would no doubt do a great deal of your advertising for you though the power of social media word-of-mouth. Obviously, any budget you might have for this would help your cause, but the ability to spread the word for free through powerful social media groups would no doubt cut down on your overhead for this, and therefore increase your profits.

Also, I believe you when you say that you will be bringing back Crystal Pepsi. I received a letter from you not long ago stating that I would be “happy” with my request for the return of Crystal Pepsi. If you are going to bring Crystal back, which I certainly expect given your letter to me, it also makes business sense to do so for Pepsi Blue. I say this because I have seen the passion from both fan bases, and the fans of Pepsi Blue have indicated to us on two occasions that their numbers are stronger.   Our polling site has seen a large-scale turnout of people voicing their desire to taste Pepsi Blue one more time.   Voters on our website have voted more on our Bring Back Pepsi Blue poll than on any other poll, including our popular Crystal Pepsi poll. By logic then, if you are going to bring back Crystal Pepsi, you should bring back Pepsi Blue.

The time is right for you to bring back Pepsi Blue. As I am sure you know, our current society is fascinated with newer drink flavors. You must see this with your Mountain Dew experiments. Further, these new flavor experiments must be financially beneficial to you since you keep doing it. What’s more, social media has recently seen a burst in people wanting to experience their favorite drinks and/or foods from their childhood. Therefore, as you plan your next marketing experiment, hop on the “Bring Back…” bandwagon, and bring back Pepsi Blue (in addition to, of course, Crystal Pepsi). If you do, you will no doubt have thousands of supporters ready to line up at their nearest vendor to rush through the doors and snatch up as much Pepsi Blue as they can. You can’t lose.

On a final note, we urge you to become proactive.  The Pepsi Blue movement does not have a celebrity pushing for its return in the same way that Crystal Pepsi does.  If you are a celebrity reading this, PLEASE become involved.  If you are not, call PepsiCo RIGHT NOW to demand Pepsi Blue:



6 Comments on “Petition for Pepsi to Bring Back Pepsi Blue”

  1. floyd

    I would love to see pepsi Blue come back, i remember When i would get Out of work, i used to go to my faverite corner Store and pick up a couple of 20oz bottles of pepsi Blue, so yes it would be nice to see it come back, thank you.

  2. curtis

    Canada needs back the blue wave why cant pepsi let pepsi blie return we deserve it

  3. Joshua

    I’m not sure if it’s a very good idea. They all ready put Crystal Pepsi back on shelves and it did well, but as Pepsi said about Pepsi Blue, “It didn’t sell well”. Pepsi Blue is still available in the Philippines and Indonesia.

  4. T rex

    The reason behind of it because LA beast who the one made an campaign for people like his fans or not who has help him to bring back crystal Pepsi .That is why it return back on shelves.Fyi you know it did fall in the same pathway which is both didnt sell well at the time so that caused the product to be failed.But now days they can definity sells a ton if people stock up it to keep it therefore the product will be permanent.If someone who had impact on crystal pepsi or pepsi blue and who around at the time tried it love it and want it back while they were out there going to be some one who miss it by a long shot and wants Pepsi co to bring it back to give the people first or second time.Guess what if someone who has a lot of followers like LA beast for instances it can happen.So why not do the same for Pepsi blue let it redeem itself.Just as this poll letter as well if there lot very more people or the followers example like la beast fans it can be very possible to be back.That will make the fans happy as long they don’t screw it up through.Like the color of the inside of the drink or they changes the ingredient.It can lead some backlash to those people.I hope it stays the same taste the same some who really remember it.

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