We Know You Want to Bring Back the Original 3D Doritos.

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Some of our fun polls and controversial debates have seen a wide diversity in the way people vote.  However, our “Petition Polls”, as I like to call them, which are aimed at causes to bring back various goodies from our time growing up, have all been pretty lopsided.  The #BringBackCrystalPepsi and #BringBackPepsiBlue polls have both had enormously one-sided results.  Nearly everyone who votes wants these delicious beverages back on the market (Good news Crystal Pepsi fans… it appears you are going to get your wish).  Another one of these “Petition Polls” is “Should Doritos bring back the ORIGINAL 3D Doritos, or are the new ones good enough?

Those of you who have had the pleasure of tasting one of the three delicious flavors of the ORIGINAL 3D Doritos (Jalapeno Cheddar, Nacho Cheese, and Zesty Ranch) remember what it was like to put the air-filled corn chip onto your taste buds.  Shaped like mini tornados, the flavors and texture rushed through your mouth like a cyclone from heaven.  Hungry for ORIGINAL 3d Doritos yet?  We bet you are.

For those of you who are passionately seeking to enjoy these tasty snacks again, there is a bit of good news.  In case you are not yet aware, there is an active Facebook page dedicated to the movement to bringing back #Doritos3D.  These folks have been working hard to bring this beloved snack back to your late night munchie menu.  One great way they are trying to raise money for this movement is buy selling FRESH (unexpired) bags of original-style 3D Doritos (NOT the new 3D Jacked version).  These mini bags are queso flavored.  I believe they are manufactured in Mexico.  Nevertheless, you can buy these great snacks, with free shipping, and experience the love all over again.  What’s more, proceeds from your purchase will go to funding the passionate movement to bring back the ORIGINAL 3D Doritos.

VISIT THE 3D DORITOS MOVEMENT SHOP HERE to purchase your bag and contribute to the cause.  

Still need a reason to buy some Original-style 3D Doritos?  Remember this classic 3D Doritos commercial?

Bet you are in the mood for some ORIGINAL 3D Doritos now!  Again, the link to buy them is www.3ddoritos.com!

Also, do not forget to cast your vote on our “Petition Poll” for ORIGINAL 3D Doritos.  Spread the word by sharing this poll with your friends.  The more votes that we get demonstrating the overwhelming love for these mini tornados of flavor, the stronger the case is to Frito Lay and PepsiCo to bring them back.  Click on the button below to vote!

#3DDoritos petiton poll

Should Doritos bring back the ORIGINAL 3D Doritos, or are the new ones good enough?

Other “Petition Polls” of ours that you might enjoy are:  Bring Back Crystal Pepsi and Bring Back Pepsi Blue.  Go vote!

One Comment on ““We Know You Want to Bring Back the Original 3D Doritos.”

  1. Brenan L. Strickland

    H*** no, the original Doritos 3D was the greatest invention in the history of Doritos. They were thin and flavorful and just down right awesome. Anyone who doesn’t agree is just born with a plan and uneventful pallet.

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