Petition Letter to Pepsi to #BringBackCrystalPepsi

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As soon as we put our Crystal Pepsi poll out into the public a couple months ago, voters responded swiftly with a resounding “Yes” vote that Pepsi should indeed bring back their beloved Crystal Pepsi.  Since then, Poll Smash has become more active in the #BringBackCrystalPepsi movement.  We have paid close attention to the movement, led by our fearless leader, L.A. Beast, and have watched the movement pick up momentum every day.  Now, we feel it is our turn to crank up our efforts and help the wonderful fans of Crystal Pepsi experience the joy brought on by that heavenly beverage.  It currently exists only in our memories.  Now, we would like to do what we can to help make it a reality in the present.

As a first, meager step in contributing to this worthwhile cause, I have decided to draft my own petition letter to Pepsi Corporation, like many others have.  I have posted that letter below.  When I receive a response, this community will surely be the first to know.

UPDATE:  The following official letter was sent from PepsiCo and received by us on 6/13/2015.  We will “be happy with what is in store”.  


Official letter from Pepsi regarding the likely return of #CrystalPepsi. When you finally drink a cold Crystal, be sure to thank the BEAST!

After reading the letter, go vote.  There are already a large amount of “Yes” votes on this poll, but the more “Yes” votes we receive, the more Pepsi will put credibility into the argument that thousands of you want this product back.  There truly is strength in numbers.  Let those numbers be observed by Pepsi.  Go vote on our poll.

The letter (names and addresses removed) is below:

On behalf of thousands of loyal Pepsi fans, I am writing to petition you to bring back Crystal Pepsi. No doubt, your corporation has a proven track record of making wise business decisions. Indeed, Pepsi would not be where it is today without making wise decisions along the way.   Wise people, as you surely know, consider the ideas of others before making final decisions. That is why I trust that you will consider my petition with an open mind, and come to the logical, ethical, and sensible decision to bring back our beloved Crystal Pepsi.

As you clearly state in Pepsi’s Guiding Principles on your website, “We see our success as inextricably linked to that of our customers, consumers and communities.” With this in mind, your customers have recently rallied in an effort to let you hear their desires to enjoy Crystal Pepsi once again. Simply log on to any social media site and recognize the vast movement to bring back Crystal Pepsi. You have a product that your customers once loved, and we have made great efforts to demonstrate to you how much we want it back. And, while your success may continue economically without Crystal Pepsi, you will have knowingly disappointed tens of thousands of your customers if you do not bring it back, and that is truly unsuccessful in respect to the business principles that you have sworn to uphold.

Further, I am not sure the exact amount of beverage products that you have on the market. Your website indicates that you have 350 beverages of under 100 calories. That alone is a large quantity, and it does not even factor in the beverages that are over 100 calories. Surely, with that amount of products, you have room for the return of one more.   There must be room for the return of Crystal Pepsi. If you have the luxury in your massive budget to play with different Mountain Dew flavors, then you have room in your budget to experiment with the return of Crystal Pepsi, a product that people are demanding back in high numbers.

Finally, bringing Crystal Pepsi back to the market is the ethically responsible decision for Pepsi to make. I believe you owe it to your customers to offer them a cola product that does not contain the chemical 4-methylimidazole, or 4-MeI, which is used to provide the caramel coloring to your cola. According to a 2013 study by Consumer Reports, 4-MeI, is a potential carcinogen. No doubt, you are aware of this study. That said, I am not a doctor, nor am I a scientist, so I do not know the full validity of this study. As a consumer, however, this report makes me nervous, and it makes me second-guess my decision to purchase your Pepsi Cola product, knowing that with it comes the risk of cancer. It is especially difficult to remain loyal to you since your competitor, Coca Cola, tested with far lower levels of 4-MeI than your cola product did. The reintroduction of Crystal Pepsi, therefore, would solve this ethical dilemma, and it would also make you look better than your competitor in the eyes of an increasingly health-conscious public.   In short, providing your customers with the option of a cola that is free from the cancer-causing chemical 4-MeI is your ethical responsibility to your consumers. We need a cola that we can literally and figuratively see through.

If a band plays a concert, and the audience at that concert resoundingly demands that the band plays a fan-favorite song, any good band will come through by playing that song.   You, friend, are that band, and your audience is demanding, with a large and resounding cry, the return of its favorite song. Your audience is demanding the return of Crystal Pepsi. I know that you can make this happen. It is clearly the logical, ethical, and sensible decision to make. Further, since I believe that Pepsi is in the business of making wise decisions based on these principles, I believe you will do the right thing and bring back Crystal Pepsi.

On a side note, I am the operator of Poll Smash ( where we host fun polls and controversial debates.  A couple months ago, we put a poll into the public, for fun, whether or not Pepsi should bring back Crystal Pepsi.  The results were swift and astonishing.  At the 1000 vote mark, 98% of voters said that they want Crystal Pepsi back.  We found that a remarkable statistic. Further, even in light of any statistical skews that must exist with a poll of this nature, I believe it must provide you with quantitative evidence that is useful to you.  Feel free to visit our website to use this poll as you see fit.

Thank you for reading this with an open mind.  Your fans believe in you, Pepsi. Do not let us down. Bring back Crystal Pepsi, and do it now.

It is easy to become involved in the movement to bring back Crystal Pepsi.  The following pages are a great place to start:

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Also, if you are interested in this great cause, you may also be interested in the following:

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Finally, check out the The Crystal Pepsi Song:

Okay Crystal Pepsi fans.  Continue to let your voice be heard by voting on this poll by clicking the button below:


Should Pepsi bring back Crystal Pepsi?






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