Who gossips more, men or women?

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There is a great quote by the 19th century English historian Henry Thomas Buckle.  Buckle, and not Eleanor Roosevelt as some might claim, said, “Great minds discuss ideas. Average minds discuss events. Small minds discuss people.”  With this in mind, and from my experience, there seems to be a great deal of small mind-people about us.  Too many people, too often, discuss other people.

Another saying that I have often heard in my life is, “You guys (or gals) talk more than old women in a knitting circle.” This stereotyping cliche is meant to be a clever way of telling someone, or some group of people, that they gossip too much, while suggesting that it is typically only women who gossip.  Is this really true?  Do women really engage in more gossip than men do?

While everyone has gossiped from time to time, I personally have found that men are just as prone to gossip as women are, maybe even more so.  Therefore, in my experience, the cliche that women gossip more than men is simply a tired and inaccurate expression.

My experience and observations, however, may be completely misguided (which I am sure would not surprise many people).  Indeed, statistics may have an argument supporting my personal lack of acuteness.  According to Social Issues Research Center, gossip accounts for 55% of conversations involving male discussions and 67% of female discussions.  You can read a much deeper analysis at the link provided to you in the previous sentence.

women gossip

Women gossip 67% of the time

Male gossip

Males gossip 55% of the time







One consideration when deciding on this fun poll is, of course, what constitutes gossip.  We invite you to decide for yourself what qualifies as gossip and what does not.  Google defines gossip as, “casual or unconstrained conversation or reports about other people, typically involving details that are not confirmed as being true.” We tend to believe that gossip is negatively expressed opinions, that comes in any medium, from one person to at least one other person, about any one person or group of people, that is done behind their back, and done with the intent that the target of the gossip will either remain unaware of the conversation, or will not be able to respond to the claims.

There are, I imagine, differences between what women gossip about and what men do.  Women probably gossip more about social issues whereas men probably gossip more about performance type issues.  For example, women are more likely to discuss what another woman is wearing whereas men are more likely to discuss the quality of an athlete’s performance.  Both, we believe, can qualify as gossip. Again, you decide for yourself what gossip is, and what it is not, when voting on this fun poll.

Consider what you think gossip is.  Then, think about what you hear on a regular day in school or at your place of employment.  What do you think?  Who gossips more, men or women?  Vote on this fun poll, right here.  Also, if this interests you, our fun poll about SEX might interest you even more!


Who gossips more, men or women?

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