Which of the presented Garbage Pail Kids is your favorite?

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For those of you who lack the patience to read the article, you can scroll down to see the 9 GPKs we selected, and click the button to vote.  Otherwise…

God I miss the Garbage Pail Kids.  Of all the things my mother saved, it had to be those disgusting wonders of my childhood that she let slip into oblivion.  They are now gone from my life, presumably forever.  Why, oh why are they only to be found in my memory?

Growing up, my brother and I spent countless hours sifting through the “trash” that was the GPKs.  We gathered with our friends to exchange our new favorites, stuck them to walls, used them for “motors” by attaching them to the spokes of our bicycles, organized and reorganized them, and cherished every filthy moment spent with them.  I even remember digging a hole in my friend’s back yard and burying a few of our favorites in a lock box with him for “safe keeping”.  Unfortunately he dug them up many years ago and now we have no idea where they went.

Indeed, nothing sends my thoughts screaming back to childhood more than seeing a picture of those wonderful Garbage Pail Kids. Strange as it sounds, they were kind of like another one of our friends.  But, like many childhood friends, one day you lose track of them, and never get them back.

The nine Garbage Pail Kids we present to you in this poll are not necessarily the Top 9 Garbage Pail Kids of all time.  How could one really choose that anyway?  As I sifted through images of GPKs, I simply selected 9 that I thought represented my childhood experience with Garbage Pail Kids.  One represents my brother, King Size Kevin.  Another, me, Stoned Sean.  There are also my cousins Babblin’ Brooke and Fryin Brian represented in the selection.  Additionally, I selected a few whose images I felt were somewhat iconic, at least to me.  Joe Blow, Acne Amy, Roy Bot, Bony Tony, and of course, Adam Bomb fell into this category.

You can view images of these disgusting wonders below.  Keep in mind that we are still very new here at Poll Smash, and currently do not have the feature of having pictures right next to the vote option.  Be patient with us. That cool feature is coming, and you will be able to use it when you create your own polls, which you can do quickly and for free, by the way.

Here are the 9 Garbage Pail Kids mentioned above.  When you are finished viewing them, vote on the one that you like the best by clicking on the VOTE NOW button below the pictures. Also, if you like this poll, check out another off-the-wall fun poll, Who would win in a fight, Teddy Roosevelt or George Washington?

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What is your favorite of these Garbage Pail Kids?



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