If Pepsi brings back only ONE of these, which would you prefer, Pepsi Blue or Crystal Pepsi?

Crystal vs. Blue
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#BringBackCrystalPepsi or #BringBackPepsiBlue? It is time for a Pepsi fan civil war.  The mother of all affinity polls has arrived – Crystal Pepsi vs. Pepsi Blue.  If you wish to skip the article, you can click the caveman to vote now!


Crystal vs. Blue

If Pepsi only brought back one of these great, nostalgic beverages, which one do you think they should choose?

Since the inception of Poll Smash only a couple months ago, our two most popular polls have been “Should Pepsi Bring Back Crystal Pepsi” and “Should Pepsi Bring Back Pepsi Blue“. No doubt, the main reason for this is because of the good fans of both fizzling products, and the passionate desire they have to taste their beloved beverage again.  And so, because of the overwhelming and positive response of both polls, Poll Smash is excited to present the Crystal vs. Blue poll.

Please keep in mind that Pepsi Co. is in no way associated with this website or this poll.  At its core, this poll is presented by Poll Smash simply for fun.  But, we are not fools.  We know that this poll goes beyond simple fun.  We know that there is more at stake here, and that whichever affinity shows up more at the polls has a stronger case to make to Pepsi Co. when presenting their respective petitions.

To provide as much fairness to the poll as possible, Poll Smash will lightly market this poll to both affinities, and only these specific affinities, by pushing this poll through Facebook and equally targeting fans of only Pepsi Blue and Crystal Pepsi.  From there, it is up to the the fans to vote, and to push for more votes by sharing this poll with their peers.  In the end, the fans with the most votes will have fairly demonstrated the superior love and passion they have for their product.

In an ideal world, Pepsi would bring back both of these fantastic products tomorrow.  But, we all know how unlikely that is.  Because of this, Poll Smash encourages both fan bases to push strongly for the results they desire, which is nothing short of savoring the legendary flavors again.  In short, the wonderful memories of these products are simply not good enough.  Like you, we want them back in stores now.

Take your cause to the next level by proving how strong your affinity is in relation to the other great beverage in this poll.  Should Pepsi Bring Back Crystal Pepsi or Pepsi Blue?  The real answer is that they should bring them both back, and do so NOW.  But, what if they were to only bring back one of them?  Which should it be?  Vote on this fun, but critical poll, by clicking on the caveman below.  GOOD LUCK TO BOTH PEPSI BLUE AND CRYSTAL PEPSI FANS!

By the way, if you are not yet aware, there are several causes that are active on Facebook right now.  Those are listed here:

Pepsi Blue Movement

Bring Back Crystal Pepsi

L.A. Beast (Crystal Pepsi)


Crystal vs. Blue

As always, we encourage you to create your own free poll.

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