What is the most embarrassing movie scene ever?

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What is the most embarrassing movie scene ever? Vote now!


One reason why people love movies so much is because movies, when produced effectively, are able to create situations where the audience mentally experiences a surrogate life through the characters in the story.  As audience members, then, we are able to not only appreciate the journey of the character/s through the plot, but we are able to experience their emotions, at least for the short time.  Therefore, for better or worse, our emotions for the small segment of time are at the mercy of the characters in the story. One of the emotions that I think must be especially difficult for writers, producers, directors, actors, and everyone else involved with production to create is the feeling of embarrassment.

We have all been in real world situations where we are in a room with someone who is making him or herself look foolish because they cannot control their words or actions.  We wish we could just tell them to stop, but for whatever reason we cannot voice our requests.  So, we watch with an uncomfortable feeling.  This is that level of awkwardness to which I am referring in this post and fun poll.  The spectators of the humiliating event can do nothing except engage in the quiet mantra of, “don’t do that, don’t do that, don’t do that, don’t do that…”

There have been many instances in movie history where the audience feels this deep sense of embarrassment because of something a character is doing on the screen.  Poll Smash was able to think of three in the modern era that really stand above the rest in creating that overwhelmingly humiliated feeling.  The three selected are great movie scenes because they are able to make the audience members feel embarrassed, even though the audience members have nothing to be embarrassed about.  This is a great cinematic achievement.

The top three scenes, in no particular order, are shown below.  Most of you will have seen some, if not all of these.  Watch them, and relive that embarrassing feeling all over again.  Then, vote on which one you think is the most embarrassing scene in modern movie history.

Mikey’s answering machine call in Swingers

Ted from Something About Mary shows us exactly how not to start off your Prom date.

Finally, the American Pie pie scene that we will never forget.  This movie was so good about recreating the awkward feelings experienced during high school.  None of those scenes, however, came close to this embarrassing moment.


Okay.  Now that you have relived those embarrassing moments, contribute to the discussion by voting on the poll.  Just click on the caveman below.  Also, please comment.  We love comments.


What is the most embarrassing movie scene ever? Vote Now!


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