How do you feel about your sex life?

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How do you feel about your sex life?


Poll Smash wants to pry into your privacy again.  This time, we want to know how you feel about your sex life.  Before proceeding, remember that your votes are completely anonymous (unless you vocalize your vote somewhere).  Not even we know how an individual votes.  We only see numbers.

Sex is good for humans.  Besides feeling great and improving the bond between you and your partner, there are numerous health benefits.  WebMd lists 10 such benefits.  You can read the full article and the dirty details at WebMd (okay, they are not really dirty).  For now, a summary of the 10 health benefits of a healthy sex life that are listed in that article will suffice:

1.  Helps keep a good immune system

2.  Boosts libido

3.  Improves women’s bladder control

4.  Lowers blood pressure

5.  Counts as exercise

6.  Lowers risk of heart attack

7. Lessons pain

8.  May make prostate cancer less likely

9.  Improves sleep

10.  Eases stress

Now, before you go hop into bed to realize all of these benefits, take a moment to vote on how you currently feel about the state of your sex life. Answers allow you to vote based on your gender, so results should be interesting to compare.  Remember, sex is like voting.  Both are fun, primitive in nature, and people like to do it privately.  I just hope it takes longer for you to have sex than it does for you to vote!


How do you feel about your sex life?