What is the best movie from the 1980s?

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Many people say the 80s sucked.  People wore goofy clothes, “hair bands” dominated an embarrassing music scene, and valley-girl speak became popular.  While these are only a few reasons to cringe at the 80s, it was also a decade that brought us some fantastic and memorable films. This poll allows you to cast your vote for what you think was the best of these great films.  The list has been cut to what Poll Smash feels are legitimate top 10 contenders.  Sorry, Pretty in Pink, but you did not make it.  To see Poll Smash’s top ten list, and vote for your favorite, follow the caveman.  It will only take you a second.

Not a fan of the choices?  Or do you just want to talk about the 80’s?  View the forum here.


What was the best 80s movie?